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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wall Sculpture Exercise ... Create & Destroy

I have to do this little creative sculpture technique every now and then to keep everything balanced. I create a wall sculpture (or any other type of sculpture) and then destroy it. The lesson supposed to teach me to learn to let go of my sculpted creations without getting too attached. This is something that I have heard certain sculptors discussing before in sculpture forums and this is one of the better actions to take to remedy that mindset. For this exercise I simply fastened a few 4" thick foam squares to my relief board with a general idea of what I wanted to create, which was, at a minimum, a larger than life male head and torso wall sculpture and see how far that I could get in two hours.

Here is the end result after two hours. Understand that I am leaving out a great deal of in-between working time but the majority of time spent was taking large slabs of sculpting clay and jamming it all around the foam squares as I 'fleshed out' my form.

I came back later that night and took this photo before I tore it down. I have to admit that I really wasn't pleased by the destruction but I know that it's a necessary evil that produces, I believe, better sculpted art works down the road.

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