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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Raptor Sculpture

A stylized form with flowing lines. Flame polished clay model. To see the finished sculpture click photo.
©2009/Keith Simerson


  1. This is quite powerful. Reminds me of Native American, like totems, I think. Like it embodies a spirit. Good job.

  2. This is an advertisement piece. I need it smooth because it needs to reflect the metal as much as possible when polished. Go to my website and you can see the side view to see the form and lines from that angle. Good to hear from ya.

  3. Man! I went! I saw! I did enjoy the side view as well. The lines all contributing to the forward lean really accentuates the mascot type energy you seem to be going for. Speakin' of which, that Viking character is downright scary! All they'd need is a big one of those out front of the school, the other teams would just forfeit! lol Seriously, you got just the right amount of detail and feature configuration to put that "I'm gonna crush you!" point across.

    By the way, and I mean this in the best possible way ;-), did you notice, in the frontal view of the raptor, a bit of resemblance between the artist and the art? I did. I'd be proud of that.

  4. Man, you have a good eye for the intention behind these pieces! On the raptor I kept trying to design a head that would give the idea of moving or attacking and I thought those lines worked. The Viking head you hit dead on as well. I'm impressed!

    And yes, I did notice the squint on my face with the raptor when I first looked at the picture (kind of a normal expression with me as I have gotten older) but figured that no one else would pay it much attention. Shows how much I know.