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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"Fighting The Double Forked Tongue"

This is a bizarre wall sculpture that I did back a few years ago after photographing a cloud formation that got my attention one bright spring day.

The more that I stared at the photo this was the dominant image that kept coming to me. This is a great method for shaking up the creative juices when looking for a starting place for a particular art project.

Not available for sale.


  1. This is a very powerful piece. I like the idea of forcing the forks of the tongue apart. Divide and conquer? And you say this in the clouds? Very Greek/Roman |Gods sort of imagery.

    Yes, the Ram is quite sculpted. There is so much with felt that the camera does not pick up. The horns are raised from the sheeps face by about 5 cm. The woolly coat is very hairy, as you'd expect. Most of the colour layering was applied from behind with a felting needle which drives the fibres through to the other side.

    Its good to see your sculpture work up here. You are very welcome to enter the give away :)

  2. Not at first ... I just thought that the clouds had a very interesting shape so I shot them before they changed. Later, as I was looking at the photo, after rotating the pic several different angles did I see this image.

    As far as your work, I can tell that the ewe horn has actual depth because of the shadows. Look at the fingers above that are grasping the two headed snake and see those shadows ... more than half an inch there.

    Thanks, I'll have to read more about your give away later today.